The Raw Psychology
Sex and Sexuality Project

The Raw Psychology Sex and Sexuality Project helps create and maintain free adult documentaries that hold psychological, sociological, instructional, editorial, and personal documentary content that is related to human sexuality.

In addition, some parts of this project can be used as an adjunctive form of writing-psychology when combined with certain professional sex psychotherapy techniques.

Immediate Goals:

(1)  First and foremost is to help people understand their own sexual perception and the spectrum of sexuality in society.

Often, the best way to find helpful answers is to read articles and opinions as a reference of perspective for personal insight. We are trying to include as many viewpoints as possible as the project grows. We are far from finished. The more points of view we can gather, the better educated all of us will become in understanding the private sides of the human mind. We believe that an individual with questions regarding sex and sexuality is better able to reach conclusions if they are exposed to a realistic written documentation of the scope and spectrum of sex and sex-related topics.

(2)  Second, is to assist in establishing and maintaining free and open resources where people can view and publish personal articles, opinions, and experiences related to sex, sexuality, sexology, and masturbation.

We will try our best to accommodate our readers, writers, and other contributors. Sex and sexuality topics are usually very sensitive and often controversial in nature, but they are also in very high demand.

(3)  Our third goal is to present resources where the articles and personal experiences are to-the-point and easy-to-understand.

Difficult textbooks are almost impossible to read because they are filled with jargon that can only be understood by those with a clinical background. Many Internet presentations are nothing more than reproductions of this elite jargon. We want the average individual to be able to understand and contribute articles and opinions.

(4) Fourth, we strive to promote basic instruction and education relevant to common personal issues that people are often unwilling to discuss with others in person.

For example, we address issues such as: sexual insecurities, masturbation, sexual medical issues, and psychological sex issues. This goal often involves dispelling profit-making rumors, schemes, and scams that target people with personal insecurities related to their sexual organs.

Long-Term Goals:

(1) We feel the status quo of the social and medicinal sciences must be changed if our society is expected to take sex and sexuality subjects seriously as scientific endeavors in the 21st Century.

We must find a new way to view the human condition. This should be of the utmost importance when it comes to the topics of sex, sexuality, sexology, and masturbation.

(2) Examination of sex and sexuality trends over time.

The sites are also longitudinal studies. Attitudes in society regarding sex, sexuality, and psychology are ever-changing. We hope to be able to capture some of these changes over the long-tem experience of this project.

Structure of the Raw Psychology
Sex and Sexuality Websites

Written Contributions The editorials and articles on the Raw Psychology Sex and Sexuality websites are intended to be derived from honest and personal insight from anyone who is willing to take the time to contribute. All written contributions and letters become a part of the sites and may be edited and/or published at our discretion, but all contributors will retain the rights to their own work. A contributor may request that submitted text be unpublished by contacting us via one of the methods below.
Affiliations The Raw Psychology Sex and Sexuality Project supports adult documentaries that are not allied with any other organization or institution. We respect our contributor's religious beliefs because they are very important, but we do not officially support any particular religious denomination nor do we condemn any religious organization. We do not support or oppose any other outside causes.
Privacy and
The Raw Psychology Sex and Sexuality Project and its websites do not collect email addresses or any other personal information for the purpose of advertising or spam. In fact, we strongly discourage participants to disclose such information.
Advertising &
Financial Sponsorship
The recent overwhelming growth of the sites does not allow us to operate on a budget derived from public contributions any longer. We reserve the right to contract sponsors that use non-invasive advertising presentations throughout the sites. Note that we do not always have control over the content of each individual ad since they are often contracted through a third party. This is why every outbound link will open in a new browser window. Also, a different URL will appear in your browser's address bar after you click on an advertisement since it is on another site. For more information on advertising on the Raw Psychology Sex and Sexuality Project, please see our Advertising and Sponsor Information page.
Cost to Readers, Contributors, and Volunteers Free -- All pages on the sites supported by the project are 100% free and do not require any type of registration. This includes the reading and contributing areas on all project domains. In addition, all instant entry area contributors are 100% volunteer.
Children, Youth, and Sensitive Viewers The sex and human sexuality sites are not intended for children nor for directly assisting children in sex education because the publishing process is instantaneous and we do not have professional staff to review entries. Please read our Viewer and Parental Advisory.
Guidelines and Violations We strictly prohibit glorification of victimizing, promotion of illegal activities, and personal slander. We have created a Guidelines and Violations Reporting page where serious readers and contributors are asked to review our criteria for publishing articles, editorials, and personal stories on the websites. We depend on concerned readers and writers to help us protect our sites from those who try to violate or thwart the system of free and anonymous publishing that we have established.
History This original part of the project was founded by university psychology students. The project has grown and changed over the years, but strives to maintain it's original objectives. Find our more about the History of Raw Psychology Productions.

Raw Psychology Sex and Sexuality Project Sites

Each site below was conceptualized and is maintained by a different individual or group of people. Every site is required to be in compliance with our mission and our rules, but the volunteers for each site have the freedom to "run" virtually all aspects of their sites. Therefore the formats on the sites may vary based on what the individual group has decided for that site. Each individual site is responsible for its own content. Raw Psychology only helps and guides by setting up pages, maintains HTML templates, and helps the sites conform to a proper documentary format. We provide technical services and instruction for beginning webmasters. Raw Psychology is also responsible for facilitating and loaning financial resources for the expenses of server hosting, domain name registration, and other related financial obligations. In exchange for those services, project related web sites are required to run some advertising from the sponsors we have contracted in order to maintain membership in our project. This is how we afford to maintain and expand our project and its services/resources.

Sex Editorials - Stories, Sex Toys, Male Survey
Sex Editorials addresses many issues surrounding human sexuality in society. This site's main objectives are to allow anonymous contributions with minimal censorship.

Male101 - Male Sex and Masturbation Stories and Surveys
A sex, masturbation, and sexuality survey site that was started mainly for men, it has now expanded to allow both male and female input on male sexuality issues.

Advanced Masturbation - Videos, Pictures, Stories, Techniques
By popular demand for an instruction site on masturbation, we tried to develop an accurate portrayal through masturbation illustrations and written instructions. Over the years, this site has grown to include many reader suggestions for pages on masturbation myths, synonyms, lubrication, and ethical entertainment resources.

AdvancedEjaculation - Ejaculation Pictures and Videos
A new site that focuses on the ejaculation process with pictures and videos. Previously, ejaculation information was included on the other sex and masturbation websites. At this time, editors and readers reached a consensus that ejaculation can be isolated as a topic for a whole website. This site was created in 2007 and is still in its early stages of development. - Free Penis Pictures
A picture documentary and written survey on the penis, ejaculation, and how men describe their penis as a sex organ. This was originally created to dispel myths regarding personal insecurities many men have regarding penis size. This site has a cross-section of a variety photographs of the erect penis without the other sexual imagery that is found on stereotypical pornographic sites.

Exhibitionist - Exhibitionism Stories
A documentary on sexual exhibitionism and an effort to discover if there is a marked difference between the possibility of healthy exhibitionism and exhibitionism as a clinical psychological disorder

Mutual Masturbation
A biographical documentary site that studies the phenomenon of mutual masturbation between males, females, and in groups.

1001 - Free Vagina Pictures
A picture and written survey documentary on the vagina, ejaculation, and how men describe their penis as a sex organ. This was originally created to dispel myths regarding personal insecurities women may have regarding their vaginas. This site has a cross-section of a variety of vagina photographs without the other sexual imagery that is found on stereotypical pornographic sites.
Our newest site that discusses specific issues related to concerns with penises. This site is written from a first person perspective, which makes it very easy to read and understand. It is a useful tool for both men and women who want to learn more about the penis, but do not feel like reading medical books.

Female - Female Sex and Masturbation Stories and Surveys
A female sex, sexuality and masturbation survey website. This site was created by popular demand after the success of - Nude Pictures
A website that features the "solo nude", both male and female. It was determined there was a need for a solo nude picture site that refrains from including graphic or "hardcore" pornography.
Incest Stories - Incest with Brother, Sister, Mother, or Father
The Incest Issues contribution are was officially closed because the contributors and volunteer editors made several decisions that are not in compliance with the standards of this project.

The Domain Based Articles

The following pages are some of the original parts of the Raw Psychology Project that inspired and enabled the expansion of the project to include more people and more sites. Many original pages have been transferred to the project sites, if readers had initiative to start their own sites related to the topics.

Latency Stage
Personal story about the time period of the "latency stage", which occurs just before sexual development.
Sex Preference Spectrum Issues
Addresses issues related to the Kinsey Scale and other aspects of the sex spectrums.
FAQs A - Popular Sexually Related
Managing a sexuality website for the public.
FAQs B - Perpetual Penis Questions
Answers and links to answers about the penis
FAQs C - Sexual Sex and Sexuality in Question
Common questions on things like virginity and sexual orientation preference.
FAQs D - Private Medical Issues
Answers to some common sexually related medical concerns.

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