Notice to Readers who have Concerns about Ads

The recent overwhelming growth of the sites does not allow us to operate on a budget derived from public contributions any longer. Since the addition of several smaller sites with very specific topics, the audiences are smaller and spread out over a number of unique domains. This is good for the user because things are easier to find, but it makes it more difficult to raise money.

We reserve the right to contract sponsors that use non-invasive advertising presentations throughout the sites. Note that we do not always have control over the content of each individual ad since they are often set up by a third party that hosts the ads on their servers. This is why we make sure outbound link will open in a new browser window.

Always check your browser's address bar if you are uncertain about which site you are viewing. Once you leave our site and begin reading on another domain, our rules and our philosophy does not necessarily apply because those sites are not under our control in any way. You should always go to the domain home page and read their terms and conditions, FAQs, and other important information before making a purchase from any site. The domain home page can usually be accessed by all important content pages on the site.

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